We are in the process of moving our services and information to Canada.ca. Our current csis.gc.ca website will remain available until the move to Canada.ca is complete.

Who we are and what we do

Mission Statement

The people of CSIS are dedicated to the protection of Canada's national security interests and the safety of Canadians.

The Service’s role of providing timely information, analysis and advice to government decision-makers is vital to Canada’s security.  In carrying out this role, the men and women of CSIS are committed to the values and best interests of Canada and its citizens.

Our Vision

The fundamental goal of CSIS is to be an outstanding national intelligence organization dedicated to serving the people of Canada, through its Government, with effectiveness and integrity.

In achieving our vision, we recognize that rapid change will continue to characterize the world in the future. Our employees at all levels are ready and able to deal successfully with changing priorities. The people of CSIS are necessarily adaptable, flexible and sensitive to emerging issues.

To this end, we encourage continuous learning in order to be better prepared to meet evolving needs and requirements; we build close relationships with our clients in order to meet fully our obligations to them; and we communicate our role to Canadians so they may attain a better understanding of CSIS.

We continue to attain a high level of performance in the fulfillment of our mandate, thereby, helping to safeguard the democratic values and institutions of Canada.

This vision is achieved by CSIS employees who are guided by the principles of excellence, integrity and respect for the rights of all.

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